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The AI for Good Foundation asks Aymeric Maudous, the founder of Lord of the Trees, about his company’s impact on SDG 15, Life on Land. We are proud to have Aymeric as a member of our

Anant Sampat

In AI for Good’s interview with Anand Sampat, we learn about his vision and goals for Doing Well by Doing Good, as well as the power and limitations of start-ups as vehicles of social change. You

Activism Always empowers mission-driven organizations through AI-driven data insights and strategy recommendations. Responding to a lack of data management talent in the social impact and nonprofit sectors, Activism Always provides a hybrid service to tap into

Achim Rettinger

The AI for Good Foundation had the pleasure to virtually connect with Achim Rettinger, member of our Board of Directors, and professor at Trier University with a focus on natural language processing. Achim studied Computer Science

AI for Good Foundation believes in training and mentoring the next generation of not only AI and machine learning engineers, but also young people interested in sustainable policy, strategic communications, and computer science. This group features

The AI for Good Foundation had the pleasure to virtually connect with Dr. Anastassia Fedyk and learn about her research on the role of glass ceilings in U.S. firms and behavioral biases in individual and group decision-making. You

Doing Well by Doing Good is a newsletter and podcast highlighting the startups that are profitable with a purpose. The newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the latest companies that fit the bill through interviews with founders,

For this latest edition of our Interview Series, we virtually connected with Dr. Ghani, member of our Board of Directors, and interviewed him on his research of integrating Machine Learning with public policy development. Check out

Library for All consists of technology innovators and digital publishers who work to make knowledge accessible to all. In order to achieve this, they have created a diverse and inclusive digital and print library, specifically to meet

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