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The Council for Good

The Council for Good is a place for AI and ML innovators, policy makers, social change shapers, and nonprofit stakeholders – all aligned on this path of getting the good done as outlined in the 17 SDGS by the United Nations.

This community of collaborators are supported by our Core Team members and Volunteers as they join hands, minds, and machines to collectively take on bigger and more urgent challenges.

The Council Members

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Waterloom, a water resilience advisory dedicated to providing public and private sectors on the tools and insights to better understand economic impact of water. Previously worked as a strategist for Fortune 500 companies and think tanks.
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Auroop Ganguly

Auroop Ganguly

Northeastern University
Auroop works in climate extremes, water sustainability and critical infrastructures, by integrating scientific knowledge and simulations with machine learning, nonlinear dynamics and network science. His experience spans academia, private IT (data) sector and government research labs.
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Maya Cummings

Dr. Maya R. Cummings

Global Policy Solutions
Founder and President of Global Policy Solutions, Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings is an award winning policy and political strategist who works to drive society toward inclusion.
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Dr. Alicia Heraz

Alicia is a Software Engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from University of Montreal. She is the founder and CEO at Emaww and, coach for emotional intelligence at EQBetter and chief scientist at the Brain Mining Lab.
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Jared Sheehan

PwrdBy, Water Foundry
Jared is CEO of PwrdBy and a Director at Water Foundry. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and leverages a process-driven approach to design and deliver data science projects and technology products. He has built multiple social and environmental impact platforms. A former senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Jared currently sits on the board for the Youth Business Alliance and LATech4Good.
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Pedro Siena

Siena Company
Head of Innovation at the Siena Company, Pedro is a tireless practitioner in search of new business models that will enable the flourishing of others
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Paul Lamb

Man On A Mission Consulting
Paul comes with over 25 years experience as a nonprofit executive, social entrepreneur, and nonprofit management consultant, and a profound love for fine wine and pizza.
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Dr. Lauri Goldkind

Fordham University
Dr. Goldkind is an Associate Professor at Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Service. She is the editor of the Journal of Technology in Human Services. Goldkind holds an MSW. from SUNY Stony Brook in planning, administration, and research and a PhD from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University.
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Ben Cox

Ben Cox
Ben is a Director of Product Marketing at where he helps lead Responsible AI market research and thought leadership. Prior to, Ben held data science roles in high-profile teams at Ernst & Young, Nike, and NTT Data. Ben holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and a BS in Economics from the College of Charleston.
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Andy Forest

Andy Forest

As an entrepreneur, Andy has led teams building the online solutions we rely on. As the founder of the non-profit steamlabs, he has provided technology education, and advocated for good policies for machine learning systems and the data they are built from.
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Matt Lythe

Lynker Analytics
Matt is the Managing Director at Lynker Analytics that specializes in data science, geospatial analytics and data infrastructure solutions. He comes with a wealth of experience across public and private sectors in multiple fields that include science, energy, postal services, software and property. 
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Dr. Anastassia Fedyk

Haas School of Business
Anastassia is an Assistant Professor of finance at the Haas School of Business. Her research focuses on behavioral biases in individual and group decision-making, particularly concerning information and belief formation. She holds a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University and a BA in Mathematics with honors from Princeton University. 
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Dr. Patrick Kline

UC Berkeley
Patrick is a Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley and a faculty research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. His research focuses on the determinants of wage inequality and the effectiveness of public policies designed to combat inequality.
» UC Berkeley

Alexander Fred-Ojala

Predli, UC Berkeley
Alexander Fred-Ojala is an expert on AI and data science applications. He is the CEO & Co-founder of Predli a global emerging technology consultancy, and he is a faculty member and the AI and Blockchain Director of the Learn2Launch Program at UC Berkeley.
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Dr. Ahmad Jadallah

Phi Science Institute
Jadallah is a doctor in medicine and the leader of Phi Science that works in the area of tech education and applied research. He is a researcher in AI in healthcare applications and believes that AI is the future of global health.
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Sinit Zeru

Tony Blair Institute
Sinit Zeru is a Senior Advisor at the Tony Blair Institute currently based in Ethiopia. She is an Advisor to the Ministry of Innovation & Technology, and is works on pan-African tech4development initiatives.
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Dr. Desmond Upton Patton

Columbia University
Desmond is a professor and Associate Dean at Columbia university. His research examines the intersections of social media, AI, black youth and well being. He is also the associate director or DEI at the Data Science Institute at Columbia.
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Matthew Gee

Brighthive, University of Chicago
Co-founder and CEO of Brighthive, Matthew is bringing data trusts to market as a form of collaborative governance for AI. He is also the co-founder of Data Science for Social Good Fellowship Program.
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Dr. Bill Howe

University of Washington
Bill is an Associate Professor in the Information School and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering. His research interests are in data management, ML, and visualization, with an applied emphasis in social responsibility, services in the public sector, and applications in the physical, life, and social sciences.
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Dr. Douglas Hague

UNC Charlotte School of Data Science
Doug Hague is the Executive Director of the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte. He spent 20+ years in industry running large data science teams prior to joining academia. His last role was Chief Analytics Officer at Bank of America Merchant Services.
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Shweta Khushu

SkySpecs Inc.
Shweta is a Sr. Engineer and Growth Lead of the AI team at SkySpecs. She is passionate about solving real-world problems that challenge mankind using Artificial Intelligence, especially Computer Vision. Additionally, she volunteers with Climate Mind, a non-profit building a web application designed to make conversations about climate change easier.
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Mechthild von Knobelsdorff

Hungarian For Expats
Mechthild 'Maggie' von Knobelsdorff is an impact-driven entrepreneur and project manager. She has worked on international climate negotiations, founded her own social business and empowered female entrepreneurs.
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Dr. Emre Eftelioglu

Emre Eftelioglu is an Applied Scientist working with geospatial datasets to identify patterns which were overlooked by traditional machine learning methods. His main research focus is on Urban Mobility, but he also works on understanding the interconnections between Food Energy and Water resources to improve sustainability.
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Dr. Frank Sanacory​

SUNY Old Westbury
After obtaining a PhD in mathematics from the University of South Carolina in Functional Analysis. Frank has been involved in developing data science and the data science program at SUNY College at Old Westbury.
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Samir Goswami

Samir Goswami

Partnership on AI
Samir is COO of the Partnership on AI, where he establishes and directs the organization’s financial, people, and facility strategy and assists in efforts that promote AI’s applications around social good. Prior to PAI, Samir was been a consultant for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the International Labour Organization, United Way Worldwide, Humanity United, the Ethical Trading Initiative, and others.
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Anand Sampat

One Concern, Lotus AI, LLC.
Anand is an entrepreneur who has spent the last 10 years applying AI and Data Science to traditional sciences. Most recently he was the co-founder and CEO of Datmo, an AI consulting and software infrastructure company which was acquired by One Concern, an AI social enterprise solving climate related resilience. He also runs a podcast and newsletter where he features social enterprises aiming to Do Well by Doing Good.
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Maria Becerra

Business Analyst
As an industrial engineer and business analyst, Maria takes advantage of her analytical and people skills to help organizations make data driven decisions and to make a positive impact in the community.
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Dr. Charith Silva

Data Scientist & Visiting Lecturer
Charith is a visiting lecturer at the University of Salford and lead SQL Server DBA & Data Scientists in a regional electricity distribution network operator, Manchester, UK. He has more than 20 years of experience in advanced data analytics, business intelligence, and database administration. He has earned a PhD in Data Science from the University of Salford. His research interests focus on Data Engineering, Data Mining, and Machine Learning.
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Brianna Vecchione

Briana Vecchione

Cornell University
Briana is a Ph.D. student in Information Science at Cornell University, working with Solon Barocas and Karen Levy. In the past, she's spent some time working at Microsoft and Spotify. She is also an affiliate of the AI Policy and Practice initiative and Mechanism Design for Social Good. Her work is supported by a Facebook Fellowship and Google Women Techmakers scholarship.
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Marc Kaufmann

Marc Kaufmann

Central European University
Marc is an Assistant Professor at CEU Department of Economics and Business. His research focuses on beliefs and misperceptions people hold and how this affects their work, productivity, and well-being. He graduated from Harvard University with a PhD in Economics and holds an M.Math from the University of Cambridge.
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Saumitra Sahi

Saumitra Sahi

Saumit is a data-driven problem solver. He leverages data science and designs AI processes to help drive strategy & growth initiatives for Salesforce’s Platform offering. Prior to Salesforce, he worked as an antitrust economic consultant at Charles River Associates in Chicago. Saumit holds an MBA and Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and a BA in Economics from Princeton University.
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Jon Letts

Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Jon is a community designer who brings his experience as an auditor to consider what is immaterial and what matters in the change we need to create. He is an organizer, coach, founder, and passionate advocate for conscious interactions with each other and our environment.
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Frank Trevino

Illumulus, University of Oxford
Frank is a digital transformation & sustainability serial entrepreneur across the telco, space and public sector, focused on AI/ML, 5G and smart platforms. He is a Cofounder & Partner (AI Strategy) at Illumulus and a MSc. candidate at the University of Oxford in Sustainable Urban Development.
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Neal Rickner

Seafire Capital
Neal is a tech executive that specializes in advancing new ventures through early-stage growth. Recently Neal served as the Chief Operating Officer of Makani, a next-generation wind-turbine company owned by Alphabet and Shell and is now the CEO of Seafire Capital, investing in aerospace, mobility and elecrification.
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Carolina Pacheco

Queen's University
Carolina is a digital transformation and technology leader with a background in AI/ML. She is also a leading avocate for Women in AI – a global non-profit organization on a mission to increase female representation and participation in AI. In the past Carolina spent time with League, Data Science & Engineer, as well as Nestle S.A, Global Business Technology, teams.
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Theebak Sothilingam

Sierra Medical
Theebak Sothilingam works at Sierra Medical as the Head of Data Science, building the next generation of AI-driven diagnostics to reduce the time and cost of cancer detection. Previously, Theebak has held roles at Oliver Wyman, RBC Insurance, and Morneau Shepell as an actuary.
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Gabriel Millien

Director, Operational Innovation
Gabriel brings over 15 years of experience in strategy, innovation, and digital transformation at fortune 500 companies like Nestle, Pfizer, and Sanofi. He has a passion for leveraging technology as a force for good and creating greater social equity. Gabriel holds an MBA from Washington University and love to stay at the forefront of new emerging technologies and societal trends.
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Akshay Toshniwal

World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)
Akshay has completed his Masters in Artificial Intelligence & Data Management. He is a Data Scientist & AI Expert working in this domain for more than 5 years and is an International Partner at the World Business Angels Investment Forum.
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Michael Stock

Blockchain & Climate Institute
Michael is the Deputy Director General at Blockchain & Climate Institute. He has a background in Law, Broadcasting, Business and since 2015 Environment Technology at Imperial College London. His work is focussed on COP26 (and CBD COP15) and communicating good bets for Blockchains, AI and faster sustainable finance, for adaptation, biodiversity, blue economy and oceans.
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Preeti Manchanda

ASER Centre
Preeti Manchanda is a research associate in the Research and Statistics Unit at ASER Centre, Pratham Education Foundation. She holds a Master’s and M.Phil in Population Studies from International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS). Besides her research interests in education, she is also interested in working on studies related to youth, MSMEs and mental health.
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Vivian Hendrikse

Vivian is a data innovation consultant specialised the strategic implications of data innovations, data sharing and AI for businesses and governments. Next to that, she is a strong advocate for gender equality topics and has the heart for connecting the power of AI to (workplace) equality.
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Senthujan Senka

Hospital for Sick Children
Senthujan is a researcher at the Hospital for Sick Children with interests in Patient reported outcomes, 3D Technology, and evaluating hospital operational workflows. He keeps a keen interest in AI governance in the healthcare landscape and is working to develop tools and policies for ethical AI and bringing an ethnographic lens to AI initiatives.
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Milind Gaharwar

ECU Worldwide
Milind is a business leader with extensive experience. working with governments and with multi-national companies, advising them on matters of policy and strategy. He has built-up a successful ‘Cleantech’ start-up, and enjoys guiding organizations through their their digital transformation journeys.
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Justin Orde

South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE)
Justin comes from a background in social critical artist practice & commerce. He now works for the first of Scotland’s public agencies, South of Scotland Enterprise, whose legislation promotes a wider view on the economy and how it impacts all we do. This includes industry, communities and the environment with a focus on place, people and natural capital. their digital transformation journeys.
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Natalie Ivasyuk

Stealth Startup
Co-founder, product design professional working on a stealth startup focusing on human connections and societal health. Psychology, sociology and philosophy enthusiast. Fixer, maker and tinkerer with a passion for functional design.
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Marta Slepankova

Marta is an IT Process expert, an AI university student focusing on behavior studies using UTAUT prediction model, and a stay-home mum.
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Wendy Amexo

Norton Rose Fulbright
Wendy works in a global law firm as a data analyst, after making the transition from law to data science. Using her interpersonal and analytics skills Wendy not only helps stakeholders make sense of their data and solve their data problems, but she is also passionate about data ethics and data literacy.
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Ricky Purnomo

Integrated Health Information Systems (IHIS), Singapore
Ricky is a data professional and seasoned project manager who has worked on analytics, machine learning, and data product development in various sectors. He currently leads a team of data scientists and analysts in the technology agency for the public healthcare sector in Singapore.
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Aishwarya Srinivasan

Aishwarya is passionate for data science and working on initiatives towards making responsible AI solutions. She is the founder of Illuminate AI, that's helping people in the community learn in cohorts and serves them with mentorship opportunities.
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Alex Leader

Luminary Labs
Alex is an innovation and strategy consultant at Luminary Labs, where he helps organizations adapt to emerging technologies and the evolving future of education and work. In previous roles, he developed technical expertise leveraging data science, natural language processing, and other artificial intelligence solutions to advance a diverse array of client goals.
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Priyanka Challa

Canadian Institute for Health Information
Priyanka is a recent graduate of the Master of Health Informatics, a Vector Institute affiliated program, from the University of Toronto. She currentlys work as a Senior Analyst at CIHI in the Virtual Care Initiatives team.
» LinkedIn

Dr. Meredith Butterfield

Meredith, a Principal Scientist at Valkyrie Intelligence, has experience across multiple verticals, including heath care. Meredith previously worked at Goldman Sachs and ACT performing data science and research to improve consumer-facing digital platforms. Meredith has her PhD in Quantitative Methods and MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas.
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Aymeric Maudous

Lord of the Trees
Aymeric founded Lord of the Trees with the intention of wanting to make a difference, and apply state-of-the-art technologies to make a positive impact – ecologically and socially. He aspires to be part of the solution to the social, ecological, and economical challenges we face as a global society.
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Asra Raza

With a background in healthcare and technology, Asra is exploring new ways that AI can improve the e-medical record process and remote healthcare systemically. She is passionate about tech literacy and making innovations like AI more accessible to the general public.
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Elena Glazkova

Researched & Creative Technologist
Elena is a creative technologist and a researcher from Moscow, living and working in New York. With a Ph.D. in Art History and a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications, she is interested in ML's potential for politics and political science.
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Lisa Shiller

Lisa is a data scientist and mathematician that is passionate about how data can help us understand the real world and make a positive impact. She has experience working with technology companies in the fields of healthcare, telecommunications and food, and founded the Toronto Women's Data Group in 2015.
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Fred Gifford

Sony AI
From London but raised in Tokyo, Fred has worked across the world in roles related to product innovation and corporate and business strategy, and he completed his MBA at ESADE in Barcelona in 2019. His work in AI has crossed city simulation, biopharmaceutical drug development and skyscraper energy management. In his role at Sony AI, he is helping drive strategy for the gastronomy project.
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Christian Kauth

Entrepreneur & Inspiring Technologist
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known, and Christian is on to it. As an entrepreneur and freelance machine learning expert, he prepares his clients for a fast future. Christian leads Kauthentech and the HealthCare Futurists Switzerland, holds a PhD in electronics and nanotechnologies, coded for Microsoft and strives to democratize healthcare.
» LinkedIn

Vladimir Mukharlyamov

Georgetown University
Vladimir is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. An empirical corporate finance researcher, he uses novel datasets to study firm strategy and performance.
» LinkedIn

Amara Bains

Bains Consulting
Experienced in humanitarian aid, international development, health and human services spanning more than 20 years. Researching enhanced community engagement in artificial intelligence development to contribute to sustainable development and social justice.
» LinkedIn

Nathan Chappell

DonorSearch Aristotle
Throughout his 20-year career in the nonprofit sector, Nathan has been regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and philanthropy. With a personal vision to help inspire a worldwide increase in generosity, Nathan presented the first TEDx on the topic of artificial intelligence and the future of generosity and was listed as one of the Top 100 Influencers in Philanthropy.
» LinkedIn

Alex Talbott

Carnegie Mellon University
Alex is a M.S. in Public Policy & Management - Data Analytics student at Carnegie Mellon University. He was previously an intern and fellow at AI for Good and is continuing his studies in building ethical technology for good.
» LinkedIn

Matt Grotenstein

Matt has spent the last twenty years helping some of the world's leading brands thrive across global markets. Matt joins us from the marketing world where he leads the Global Content Practice as Vice President of Global Brand Partnerships.
» LinkedIn

Peter Ries

Pivot Point LLC
Curiosity, kindness, humor, honesty, persistence, wisdom, risk tolerance and generosity are Peter’s defining traits. He’s brought them to each of his personal and professional endeavors as a leader in sales, marketing and fundraising for over 30 years. He now uses these traits and skills to help grow the impact of non-profits and start-ups.
» LinkedIn

Naysa Mishler

Co-Founder and CEO of Everest Effect
Naysa is the Co-Founder and CEO of Everest Effect, a data platform that uses Machine Learning and advanced analytics to improve outcomes and accelerate recovery for underserved communities. She’s held leaderships roles at LinkedIn, WeWork and Citi FinTech and is a member of Founder’s Pledge and NEXUS Global.
» LinkedIn

Ronnie Alves

Researcher & Head of Data Science, Vale Institute of Technology
Ronnie is Full Researcher and Head of Data Science at Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) Sustainable Development. The Data Science Lab seeks to promote the use and development of data science and artificial intelligence technologies for a positive social and environmental impact. He comes with a wealth of experience across academia and private sectors in multiple fields. Specialties in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics.
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Ankit Sirmorya

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon
Ankit works as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon and has developed several machine learning-based solutions across different Amazon ecosystems. Besides this, he has been an active angel investor and has invested in several startups across domains(Clean Tech, AI, Blockchain, etc.) and geographies(USA, APAC, LatAm). His interest lies in contributing towards responsible AI growth and utilization to under-developed communities.
» LinkedIn

Sean Lang

Founder of Future Says
Sean Lang is the founder of Future Says – an interview series where he debates the pressing trends in AI alongside some of the leading voices in the field. From his background as a Data Strategist at both Altair and Kx Systems, Sean is passionate about championing data literacy, citizen data scientists and data democratisation throughout the enterprise.
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Radha Basu

CEO of iMerit
Radha Basu is the founder and CEO of iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company delivering high-quality data that powers machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for Fortune 500 companies.Radha has received accolades including the Global Thinkers Forum Award, UN Women-ITU Gender-Equality Mainstreaming Technology Award, Silicon Valley Business Journal Women of Influence Award, Top 25 Women of the Web and CEO of the Year.
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Vyas Ramasubramani

Senior Software Engineer at NVIDIA
Vyas is a senior software engineer at NVIDIA working on the RAPIDS software stack for GPU-accelerated data analytics and machine learning. He joined NVIDIA after completing graduate research in the field of computational approaches to materials design. Vyas holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Scientific Computing from the University of Michigan as well as a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University.
» LinkedIn

Linda N. Spencer

Leadership Content Strategist & Creator
Linda has proven experience in thought leadership content creation and strategy (marketing, digital marketing, video and books) to position global business leaders and brands. She has a special interest and focus in humans and ethical and responsible technology.
» LinkedIn

Carmen Lamoutte

Project Manager at Wovenware
Carmen works at the intersection of technology, business and creativity to build digital solutions that connect user needs with business objectives. She has over 20 years of consulting experience and currently leads strategic AI and nearshore development projects at Wovenware.
» LinkedIn

Elizabeth Bowling

General Manager at Tribe AI
Prior to Tribe AI, Elizabeth ran nationwide innovation programs for Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies including DHS, Dept of Ed, NASA, and the NSA at Luminary Labs. Elizabeth also led the R&D team at data analytics firm Locus Analytics, where she and her co-inventors were granted two patents for a theoretical framework and data methodology for analyzing workforce trends across industries.
» LinkedIn

Kim Cooper

President & CEO of Youth Culture Inc
Kim Cooper is passionate about connecting youth with industry through the lens of diversity of inclusion and equal opportunity. She is President and CEO of Youth Culture Inc. - a company that aims to amplify youth voice and engagement in industry to help solve real-world problems. Kim is a Certified and award-winning Career Strategist and is the author of the book Girls in Science: Voices for Change
» LinkedIn

Katie Johnson

VP of Implementation at Happify Health
Katie Johnson is the VP of Implementation at Happify Health, a modern healthcare system powered by AI that aims to create technology for good to improve mental health and well-being at scale. Previously, Katie has held roles at Google, Looker and IBM Watson as a Client Services leader.
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Ifejesu Ogunleye

Ife Ogunleye

Policy Research Fellow at the Chamber of Progress
She most recently worked as a project analyst with the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity at the University of California Berkeley where she worked on various Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy and regulatory issues alongside the California Department of Technology. Prior to this, she provided AI regulatory and strategic framework advice to national agencies and governments as a Policy Fellow at the AI for Good Foundation.
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Vishwa Karia

Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Vishwa works as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon and serves as a mentor at the Built by Girls foundation. Her research interests lie at the intersection of Machine Learning and Healthcare. Next to that, she feels strongly about empowering minority groups and bringing more women in tech.
» LinkedIn

Tomas Pinjušić

Big Data and Security consultant in Atos
Tomas is Big Data and Security consultant in Atos with a focus on AI initiatives and how to assess AI from the cybersecurity perspective. Atos is #1 in managed security services in Europe and #3 worldwide. He wants to make a positive impact by helping new AI initiatives with the product discovery process in the early stages of their journey.
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