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Drive forth solutions that enable sustainable change.

AI holds immense potential be the unifying agent that takes an individual organization’s efforts toward the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and transforms them into collective progress. 

We are proud to team up with individuals and organizations who are working with us to lead the way AI and Machine Learning is applied to tackle the most urgent global challenges.    

Join AI for Good and our partners around the world as we align our efforts for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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Find out more about current projects and progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). » AI + SDGs

Corporate Partnerships

We are here to find you a meaningful way to promote your corporate social and ecological responsibility goals, while creating a lasting impact in AI innovation.

In concert with the UN’s SDGs, AI for Good offers a unique and impactful mode of partnerships via SDG sponsorship. Cause Marketing, Company Volunteerism, and Corporate Sponsorship are just some of the forms we can partner. 

By sponsoring a specific SDG (e.g. Goal 01 – No Poverty), your company will be able to connect directly with the issue area that aligns with your goals while supporting AI and Machine Learning projects with a global scale and reach.

Your SDG support will create substantial impact in the areas of research and development, international sustainable policy, and conversation at the forefront of the technological and academic communities.

Data Partnerships

We believe in the power of open-source data, and recognize its potential for business, research, and non-profits.

1.  Do you have data that could be used for social good?

Through AI for Good, we could connect your data to thousands of global researchers and scientists to leverage your data and make progress on the SDGs. 

Our data sharing frameworks ensure data privacy compliance and security throughout the research lifecycle. 

Additionally, we can showcase your research, publications, projects, models, website and other related material, connecting it with our network of partners who can utilize it within the broader scientific and policy-oriented communities and media.

2. Do you need data to carry out your work?

Through a partnership with AI for Good, we can co-develop and oversee AI and Machine Learning Projects that build useful datasets for our collective work.

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We’re building an open, evolving catalog of SDG relevant datasets, metadata and research networks. » SDG Data Catalog

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Learn more about our Curriculum Program on the SDGs. » AI + SDG Launchpad

Academic Partnerships

We are working with leading educational institutions to develop institutional frameworks, curricula, and structured research that foster real-world student learning and advancement at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the SDGs.

Our educational institutional partnerships, including those with Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon and UC Berkeley, are helping create broader, collaborative communities.

We connect faculty, students, and staff across campuses with our network of partners in the private, public, and non-profit domains.

Through these channels, we can link students and researchers with AI and Machine Learning projects and on-going research that foster social good.

Institutional Partnerships

Whether you are a Public Institution, Foundation, Nonprofit, or International Organization, we are looking for partners with aligned social or ecological aims. 

As partners, we can draw on our combined resources and networks, where AI for Good can streamline research projects that drive progress in the areas where we find synergy.

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