Eureka - The intelligent assistant for refugees

The world's only integrated intelligent personalized assistant for refugees.

We're building a multilingual AI-powered platform to assist refugees in Europe

Between now and 2030, communities around the world will need to accomodate more than 100M refugees, with over 80 native languages, and a fine line between coping and crisis.

The systems currently in place do not have the capacity, and often cause huge stress to at-risk populations just trying to avoid deportation. At the same time, migrant populations are the life-blood of many advanced economies, who sorely need effective ways of integrating young, capable, motivated people into the labour pool.

Eureka is an integrated multilingual AI-powered platform that empowers refugees by providing knowledge and information, and gives them personalized assistance accommodating their needs throughout the integration process.

Simultaneously, it consolidates a country’s social cohesion and reinvigorates the economy, forming resilient towns, cities, and societies.

Eureka - The intelligent assistant for refugees
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The problem is fundamental, and results in a long-term systematic failure; fragile and devalued migrants; and lost talents and resources.

Help us fund Eureka

100% of Funds Support Refugees. 100% Tax Deductible.

Our global staff build, deploy, and coordinate everything people need to survive, integrate, and thrive each day. Through our work and your donations, we can reach more than 10M refugees over the next 3 years.

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How it works

Our prototype is built around understanding each person and each family so that we can offer them customized solutions.

Eureka - The intelligent assistant for refugees

Understand Migrants

Migrants, simply answer a few questions so they receive the required assistance and reminders accordingly!

Eureka - The intelligent assistant for refugees

Offer Customized Solutions

Our app ensures that each refugee finds the suitable means to their situations.

Eureka - The intelligent assistant for refugees

Protecting User Data

Security and privacy are guaranteed, too, as we make sure that users’ data will never leave their phones.

How Eureka
makes a real difference

Ensuring that every refugee keeps track of their must-complete installation journey in an agile and optimized process personalized to suit the wide range of cases.

The Eureka System

Through Eureka’s platform, we support refugees’ participation and ownership of their integration journey, protecting them from stress and confusion, and ensuring they act at the right time on every step they have to take, from the first moment of submitting their asylum-seeking application, to contributing back to their host country’s economy.

Refugee Staff

The AI for Good Foundation has refugee employees in the field for the development and deployment of Eureka — each deployment country maintains a local team who are responsible for the different needs categories, government relations, and outreach. This hybrid human-technology approach is the cornerstone to successful interventions, and has been proven in our work in Ukraine.

Real-time AI Infrastructure

Our teams are responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of all information stored in the platform, and for maintaining and updating them constantly so that correct information accessibility is no longer an obstacle. We work closely with governments, and harness the latest data science and Artificial Intelligence advances to manage and verify the help we provide, every step of the way.

Actionable Insights

The Eureka system, by understanding all sides of the problem, is able to provide accurate and impactful assistance to refugees, scaling up their life progression and integration experience. This can help beneficiaries create their new life from scratch, boosting their confidence in their abilities; and accelerating their contributions to their new homes.

Partner with us

The AI for Good Foundation, along with a spectrum of stakeholders and AI experts and an expanding network of organizations, employees, and volunteers on the ground in the EU are collaborating to engineer a solution that will help refugees worldwide. Together, let's make Eureka possible and pool resources to help the least fortunate.

Impact Partners

Our partners ensure the availability of necessary means and information to make Eureka impactful 24/7 across EU refugee recipient countries.

Economists for Ukraine

Economists for Ukraine

The Economists for Ukraine initiative works hand in hand with the AI for Good Foundation to experiment, build, and scale solutions to the crisis in Ukraine. The LifeForce project is a direct initiative of Economists for Ukraine with the technology and operational backing of AI for Good.

Logo - Everest Effect

Everest Effect

Everest Effect is a needs verification platform using Machine Learning and advanced data science to help organizations measure impact and make smarter decisions on the access and distribution of goods, services and capital.

Logo - Au10tix


Since 1982, Au10tix has provided critical, modular solutions to verify and link physical and digital identities so businesses and their customers can confidently connect.

Advisory Network

The Eureka project brings together a wide range of stakeholders to create a platform for personalized social assistants for refugees, ensuring that every integration journey succeeds.

Eureka - The intelligent assistant for refugees


Wovenware's technology provides custom AI and software solutions that solve real-world challenges for the most demanding environments.

Logo - Berkeley University of california

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is one of the world's leading research institutions and public universities.

Logo - LF

Makor Analytics

Makor Analytics is AI for Good's official quantitative research partner. Makor Analytics' AI survey insights help governments and companies understand the perceptions, feelings, and motivations that drive their audience's decision-making.

Cisco Foundation

Cisco Foundation

The Cisco Foundation collaborates with nonprofit and NGOs around the world to develop technology-based solutions.

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