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April 2014


The genesis of the main ideas behind the AI for Good Foundation. James Hodson, Stefano Pacifico, and Michael Witbrock all participated in the closed door sessions at The Stanford Workshop on AI and Knowledge among a select group of AI thought leaders discussing a shared vision for the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the main conclusions drawn were that AI is still maturing as a discipline, that we need to strive for cleaner scientific experimentation, that we must put more resources towards fundamental research, and not overwhelm the system with corporate and military interests. Chief above all was continuing to foster such a platform to measure progress and maintain a shared vision into the future.

August 2014

KDD at Bloomberg

James Hodson and Claudia Perlich organise KDD AI for Social Good Day (KDD at Bloomberg) in New, York, where a gathering close to 1,000 people share and discuss how the AI community could have an impact on global social and environmental challenges.

October 2014

The opening Keynote

James Hodson provides the opening keynote speech at the Joint Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Systems, laying out the plan for an entity to coordinate Artificial Intelligence research with progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda.


February 2015

The Inception

Michael Witbrock and James Hodson delineate a first proposal for the AI for Good Foundation’s mission, its name, and initial leadership while sharing a yellow cab en route to LaGuardia airport.

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April 2015

The Weekly Meets

James Hodson, Stefano Pacifico, and Tom Mitchell meet weekly to discuss the finer details of the AI for Good Foundation mission and engagement of the AI research community.

September 2015

Drawing up the Bylaws

The first set of bylaws are drawn up, and work begins on initial programs. IRS documentation is filed. The founding leadership team consists of James Hodson, Gary Marcus, Stefano Pacifico, and Michael Witbrock.


April 2016

Making it Official

IRS grants 501(c)3 status and the foundation registers its activities in Massachusetts. ‘AI for Good’ and ‘AI4Good’ become trademarks of the foundation.

April 2016

Fragile Earth Launch

The Foundation launches the ‘Fragile Earth’ community and programs in collaboration with IBM, Syngenta, the University of Minnesota, Jozef Stefan Institute AI Lab, and the Santa Fe Institute, among others.

May 2016

Executive Committee

The Foundation nominates an Executive Committee to oversee programs and partnerships, consisting of experts from across the AI research, policy, and implementation communities.


August 2017

Elections to the Board

The interim Board of Directors is replaced by the first elected Board of Directors at the Foundation’s first Global Summit in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Board of Directors consists of Abe Hsuan, James Hodson, Charlotte Stanton, and Michael Witbrock. Michael is elected as Chairman of the Board.


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July 2018

Growing Presence

The core AI for Good team grows to 5 and the Foundation now has projects and operations in 6 countries.


August 2019

AI for SDGs

AI for Good works with UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Princeton University, Harvard, and MIT to develop and pilot ‘AI for the SDGs’ course materials and templates for undergraduate and graduate-level courses.


January 2020


Government, Industry, NGO, and public partnerships number more than 30.

May 2020

Expanding Focus on SDGs​

The Foundation expands its operations to new countries and now covers more than half of the SDG areas with direct programs.

December 2020

AI for Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces

Program launched that works with partners directly involved with tackling discrimination in the workforce with the application of AI and Machine Learning. 


March 2021

Bringing together AI and ML innovators, policy makers, social change shapers, and nonprofit stakeholders – all aligned on achieving the 17 SDGS by the United Nations. 

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