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Bessie O'dell Sustainable Development Policy Fellow

AI for Good Foundation Fellowship Program Each Summer AI for Good Foundation invites Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Doctoral applicants for our competitive Summer Fellowship Program. This week, we hear from Sustainable Development Policy Fellow Bessie O’Dell: TELL

statue of Lady Justice - Piracy Data Initiative Supreme Court

Supreme Court Ruling It is heartbreaking to see the Supreme Court of the United States–which should be a beacon of light for the world–take a decision which will cause enormous suffering, poverty, and harm to millions

data science in development

Guest post by Sid Ravinutala Change one thing at a time, especially for the first few tech projects. Complexity is multiplicative in the number of things you are trying to change. Don’t rush to use machine

responsible AI impact

By Carmen Lamoutte, Project Manager, Wovenware  Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping businesses, yet some AI projects fail to meet expectations around social responsibility, ethics, transparency and fairness. When AI algorithms introduce bias, preventable errors and poor

Love to learn

The May 2022 Newsletter is out! This month we are featuring SDG 4 : Quality Education. We feature how some of our council members are contributing to quality education and our fellowship program. View our newsletter

Logo - Youth culture

By Kim Cooper Real change requires a roadmap. Creating and implementing an effective and sustainable roadmap requires the engagement of diverse young leaders driven to make a difference. However, change can only happen if youth are

Scanning qr code AI

Quick-response (QR) codes have been around since the mid-1990s, packing 200 times more information within their configurations than regular barcodes. With the pandemic, this 30-year old technology is experiencing a revival as demand has gone up

Ukranian bulding destroid by Russian attacks Ukraine

by Economists for Ukraine   In January 2022, many of our distinguished colleagues were asking whether Putin would really invade Ukraine. To our answer “of course”, they countered with the disbelief that Putin could be crazy

Credit card machine with blanc paper coming out of it moneo

By Mario De Jesus On Wednesday March 23, 2022 – I had the great pleasure of meeting two brilliant individuals from Moneo, that being Sam Carter (CEO & Co-Founder) and Leo Utskot (CTO & Co-Founder). In

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