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AI for Good is a nonprofit that’s bringing together the best minds and technologies to solve the world’s most urgent challenges.

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Data Access

We facilitate access to shared data, infrastructure and learning resources.



We design, prototype and scale solutions that create a better world.



We create curricula to teach upcoming data scientists on how to use AI for good.



We draft sustainable AI policy for all levels of government.

The Pulse

Inspirational news, project updates, perspectives and impact stories worth sharing. Welcome to the Pulse.

By, Carmen Lamoutte, Project Manager, Wovenware  Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping businesses, yet some AI projects fail to meet expectations around social responsibility, ethics, …

The May 2022 Newsletter is out! This month we are featuring SDG 4 : Quality Education. We feature how some of our council members are contributing to quality education and

By Kim Cooper Real change requires a roadmap. Creating and implementing an effective and sustainable roadmap requires the engagement of diverse young leaders driven to make a difference. However, change

Quick-response (QR) codes have been around since the mid-1990s, packing 200 times more information within their configurations than regular barcodes. With the pandemic, this 30-year old technology is experiencing a

by Economists for Ukraine In January 2022, many of our distinguished colleagues were asking whether Putin would really invade Ukraine. To our answer “of course”, they countered with the disbelief

In this AI+SDG Library, uncover impact opportunities in pursuit of the 17 SDGs, progress of ongoing AI + ML initiatives, and open resources & datasets for you to get involved.  » Learn more

Trending Data Sets

Explore SDG related data sets from across the community with our SDG Data Catalog.

Provides datasets on various issues including flood hazard maps, water risk indicators and water stress projections across the globe.

Provides data about forests including land cover, land use, biodiversity metrics and forest change allowing for the monitoring and management of forests.

A data catalog on global health and demography information created and supported by The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington.

A collection of datasets focused on humanitarian issues.

Provides science and information, focusing on news, data, and climate teaching materials, and the data products and services to track global climate data.

The Ocean Tracking Network is a global aquatic animal tracking, data management, and partnership platform.

Pulls together data sets in an open format to track SDG16 and provide a snapshot of the current situation, and eventually progress over time.

Covering major topics on law and order by country.

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