Economic and Community Resilience through Technology.

We use Economic thinking and technology innovation to solve big human challenges, transform institutions, and impact people's lives today.

Impacting People Now.


LifeForce Ukraine

Ukraine's largest humanitarian aid matching platform. We provide civilians real-time access to food, shelter, medicine, healthcare, across 37,000+ service locations and 40+ full time staff in-country.



The world's only integrated intelligent personalized assistant for refugees. Eureka makes it simple for anyone to navigate and power through the complex bureaucracy of integration into a new community.

Svidok Ukraine

Witness Ukraine

Ukraine's largest war journal platform, recognised by all of Ukraine's regional governments. Giving civilians a platform to safely record and share their stories, to help justice prevail.

Logo - Economists for Ukraine Donation History

Economists for Ukraine

A global collective of economists and academics working to end Russia's invasion and rebuild Ukraine. From the Yermak-McFaul Sanctions group, to the largest academic support program.

How we create impact



We design, deploy, and scale real economic and tech solutions that put people first and solve real problems.



We engage students, business-leaders, economists, technologists, policy-makers, and governments.



We craft cutting-edge technology-driven policy solutions at all-levels of government.

The Pulse

Inspirational news, project updates, perspectives and impact stories worth sharing. Welcome to the Pulse.

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Trending Data Sets

Explore SDG related data sets from across the community with AI for Good's SDG Data Catalog.

Lady smilling taking blood pressure of another lady GHDx

(GHDx) Global Health Data Exchange

A data catalog on global health and demography information created and supported by The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington.

forest watch close up photo of a tree trunk in the forest

Global Forest Watch

Provides data about forests including land cover, land use, biodiversity metrics and forest change allowing for the monitoring and management of forests.

NOAA desert dunes Drought


Provides science and information, focusing on news, data, and climate teaching materials, and the data products and services to track global climate data.

close up photo of water in the ocean

Ocean Tracking Network

The Ocean Tracking Network is a global aquatic animal tracking, data management, and partnership platform.

statue of Lady Justice - Piracy Data Initiative Supreme Court

SDG16 Data Initiative

Pulls together data sets in an open format to track SDG16 and provide a snapshot of the current situation, and eventually progress over time.

In this AI+SDG Library, uncover impact opportunities in pursuit of the 17 SDGs, progress of ongoing AI + ML initiatives, and open resources & datasets for you to get involved.  » Learn more

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