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Over 9M people have left the country, but 25M+ non-combatants remain, among whom almost 50% are internally displaced. Many Ukrainians civilians are running low on the basic resources they need to survive and care for their family. Many are scared and confused about the options available to them—whether to go, where to go, and what information is reliable.

As the Ukrainian government and community groups tried to organize aid information for locals to find on the web and via telegram channels, the Russian military digital teams used them to plan deadly attacks against civilians—causing the Ukrainian government to ask for all such resources to be immediately removed from the open web.

Our philosophy is simple.

Give communities the tools to maximize the resilience of existing inventory and supply relationships, repair and boost the available network of suppliers, logistics, and outlets, and make it maximally simple to bring communities together to find what they need when they need it.

LifeForce ensures a coordinated and resilient response of market, government, and NGO resources, providing immediate support, advice and real time content on a secure platform to those who are most affected in Ukraine.

The LifeForce Project

LifeForce / MySyla

A platform that makes it extremely secure and simple for individuals to ask for and find the things they need to survive.

How it works

The LifeForce Project

Real-time information collection

Our teams of full-time humanitarian workers in each region are responsible for real-time information collection and liaising with community groups, stores, logistics, medical providers, shelters, etc.

The LifeForce Project

Real-time matching

Individuals are able to find exactly what they need in 3-clicks, or submit a direct request for help from our team.

The LifeForce Project

Multi-dimensional security ecosystem

We protect critical civilian infrastructure by only providing the exact information individuals need, when they need it, and protecting that data with the most sophisticated encryption and identity verification standards. No more lists of stores and pharmacies for the Russians to target.

The LifeForce Project

Outreach & coordination team

Local teams are responsible for social media outreach and ensuring the platform’s visibility on official sites and community-wide promotional channels in all active regions.

How LifeForce
makes a real difference

Securing access to real-time, uninterrupted information about needs and available resources is key to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The AI for Good Foundation has 40+ employees in Ukraine in the development and deployment of LifeForce and Svidok—both platforms being fully developed by Ukrainians in Ukraine, supporting local economic sustainability and reinvestment in the community. Each major deployment city has a team of 6+ responsible for the different need categories, government relations, and outreach. This hybrid human-technology approach is critical to the success of our interventions.

Our analyst teams are responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of all information stored in the platform, and delegate responsibility for individual store locations, hospitals, shelters, etc. to owners or local administrators who are incentivised to help the community get what they can supply, cut down on long lines waiting to be told the item is out of stock, and increase the safety of local infrastructure.

The LifeForce system, by seeing both sides of the market, is able to provide in-depth reports to the government highlighting items that are in critically low supply, over-supply, or may shortly become important. This can go some way to mitigating the sparse information landscape that often leads foreign providers of aid shipments to guess at what is needed, and disappointed communities near the front lines.

The LifeForce platform never reveals a list of pharmacies, supermarkets, or other important assets, and it automatically identifies and blocks behavior aimed at compromising the safety of information in the system.

Partner with us

The AI for Good Foundation, along with EverestEffect and an expanding network of organizations, employees, and volunteers on the ground in Ukraine are working hard to keep the LifeForce project going. Together, let's pool humanitarian resources and protect critical data to help those in urgent need.

Impact Partners

Our partners ensure the critical information & resources are available to make LifeForce impactful 24/7 across Ukraine.

The LifeForce Project

Economists for Ukraine

The Economists for Ukraine initiative works hand in hand with the AI for Good Foundation to experiment, build, and scale solutions to the crisis in Ukraine. The LifeForce project is a direct initiative of Economists for Ukraine with the technology and operational backing of AI for Good.

Logo - Everest Effect

Everest Effect

Everest Effect is a needs verification platform using Machine Learning and advanced data science to help organizations measure impact and make smarter decisions on the access and distribution of goods, services and capital.

Logo - Au10tix


Since 1982, Au10tix has provided critical, modular solutions to verify and link physical and digital identities so businesses and their customers can confidently connect.

Logo - Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services is a leading cloud provider to gvernments and public entities around the world. They offer a complete range of storage and compute services with the highest level of security.

Advisory Network

The LifeForce project is bringing together the largest group of stakeholders to create the world’s first humanitarian aid platform with multidimensional security to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure from war crimes and acts of terrorism.
Logo - #pomagam Ukrainie

Pomagam Ukrainie

#PomagamUkrainie is a government of Poland initiative helping match people fleeing the war with donors from across the world wanting to get involved.

The LifeForce Project


Wovenware's technology provides custom AI and software solutions that solve real-world challenges for the most demanding environments.

Logo - Berkeley University of california

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is one of the world's leading research institutions and public universities.

Logo - Ukrain

Gov.Ua is the official website of the Government of Ukraine and overseeing the relief efforts.

Logo - Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine has an established and proven network of partners on the ground in Ukraine providing humanitarian aid to ordinary people and families with children.

Logo - LF

Makor Analytics

Makor Analytics is AI for Good's official quantitative research partner. Makor Analytics' AI survey insights help governments and companies understand the perceptions, feelings, and motivations that drive their audience's decision-making.

The LifeForce Project is a crowdsourced initiative providing quick and easy information search in Ukraine during the war.

Economists for Ukraine

A global collective of economists and academics working to end Russia's invasion and rebuild Ukraine.

Leveraging expertise in macroeconomics, finance, behavioral economics, and game theory, we work on analyses of key factors behind the Russian aggression, understanding the consequences if the aggression is not stopped, coordination with international organizations on policy responses such as sanctions, and proactive planning to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

Economists for Ukraine

Gain insight in to the painful truth on the ground in Ukraine, as well as long term impact of Russia’s actions.

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