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With constant and indiscriminate shelling of densely populated urban areas, and the targeting of civilian infrastructure, Putin’s war on Ukraine has turned into a psychological terror campaign with heavy hints of genocide. More than 4M people have already left the country, but 25M+ non-combatants remain.
Many are running low on the basic resources they need to survive and care for their family. Many are scared and confused about the options available to them—whether to go, where to go, and how & when to make this attempt.
Partnering with EverestEffect and a network of organizations, we are creating LifeForce, a peer-to-peer humanitarian aid platform to provide immediate support, advice, & resources to those in need in Ukraine. To make this platform available to as many Ukranians as possible, we need your help.
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We believe in transparent, open-source data and at the same time we recognize each donation not as charity, but as an investment. 

That’s why we have made all of our financial records public here and available to anyone. Our organization and staff are project-oriented, with minimum need for active management and admin. Therefore, we can ensure our donors that nearly 100% of our funding goes directly to project development, and the resources of our researchers and project volunteers.

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Your donations are important sources of funding for our projects and research. Here are the criteria we follow while soliciting and accepting corporate funds.


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In the course of its regular fundraising activities, AI for Good will accept donations of money, real property, personal property, stock, and in-kind services.


Certain types of gifts must be reviewed prior to acceptance due to the special liabilities they may pose for AI for Good. Examples of gifts which will be subject to review include gifts of real property, gifts of personal property, and gifts of securities.

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