Svidok: The War Journal

Ukraine's Largest War Journal Platform.

Svidok (Witness in Ukrainian) is a personal war journal platform where Ukrainians can safely and securely store their experiences of living through the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and collect evidence of the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Russians leadership & military. 

Svidok has been built by the citizens and friends of Ukraine, in partnership with the AI for Good Foundation, to ensure the truth of this war is accurately documented and preserved.

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Svidok - The War Journal
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How Svidok is helping
document the war

Personal Experiences

Svidok allows the affected Ukrainian citizens to easily record thoughts, memories, eye-witness accounts and emotional journeys through this turbulent period.

Option To Publish
Notes Publicly

People can choose to publish and publicly share their experiences, allowing the world to have a detailed, accurate and intimate account of the war.

Document & Report
War Crimes

The platform allows the world to learn about the crimes committed by the Russian military and leadership within Ukraine with witness accounts, supported with photos and videos as evidence.

Highly Secure
& Anonymous Platform

The war journal data including all personal information is kept secure, encrypted and anonymous through a rigorously tested multi-dimensional security ecosystem.

Let's Hold Russia
Accountable For Its Crimes

These personal stories and investigations serve as a rich archive of evidence for Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine.

If you are a journalist, government official or war crime investigator wishing to access and search through the database of publicly shared stories to collect evidence, and connect with particular authors (contingent on their approval), we invite you to request an official account on the Svidok website.

It’s a victory when weapons fall silent and people speak up.​

Volodymyr Zelensky

Our other initiatives
supporting Ukraine

The LifeForce Project

A secure & attack resilient humanitarian aid platform connecting immediate support, advice, & resources to those in need in Ukraine.

LifeForce ensures a coordinated and resilient response of government and NGO resources, providing immediate support, advice and real time content on a secure platform to those who are most affected in Ukraine.

Economists for Ukraine

A global collective of economists and academics working to end Russia's invasion and rebuild Ukraine.

Leveraging expertise in macroeconomics, finance, behavioral economics, and game theory, we work on analyses of key factors behind the Russian aggression, understanding the consequences if the aggression is not stopped, coordination with international organizations on policy responses such as sanctions, and proactive planning to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

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