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Urban Development Architect

Building a model of ideal refugee migration pattern.

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Every year, political turmoil and a variety of environmental disasters displace millions from their homes, causing crises that carry over to the nations accepting these refugees.

Countries are usually unprepared for these crises and refugees are forced to spend months, even years, in refugee camps.

Therefore, our project attempts to create a matching algorithm to appropriately recommend destinations for refugees in hopes to help governments balance the desires of their citizens and maximize the quality of life for refugees.


We aimed to build a model of ideal refugee migration patterns in order to alleviate social and economic pressures in destination countries due to poor resettlement planning. Furthermore, we intend to target decision-makers in hopes of minimizing the disruption to the lives of migrants and inhabitants of recipient communities.


Model that predicts the number of refugees and where they will be best suited to emigrate:

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Research Team

Predicting and modeling integration of refugees

Urban Development Architect is part of an AI for Good project series, between the AI for Good Foundation and the Applied Data Science with Venture Applications Course at SCET, UC Berkeley.

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Urban Development Architect