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AI Powered Education

Improving childhood learning with personalized education.

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Education has always been the heart of all nation’s growth. The government has a vested interest in improving both quality and access to proper education for their people.

With the improvement of technology and the increasing amount of highly accessible and inexpensive online learning materials, there exists a demand for the search of appropriate learning material amongst the sea of information.

With our data-driven model for learning, we help to personalize learning to each individual, providing them with materials not only suitable for their cognitive level, but also in a manner that suits their learning styles best.


Create an app to make data-driven education fun and easy to implement for students and teachers alike.



Since our aim is to create a highly personalized learning model for the individual user, the main data source will be from the user themselves.

We will first inquire about the user’s general personal data such as education level and age which starts them out at the baseline. From there, we will then fine-tune the dataset based on the user’s question and answer inputs using an underlying machine learning model.

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AI Powered Education is part of an AI for Good project series, between the AI for Good Foundation and the Applied Data Science with Venture Applications Course at SCET, UC Berkeley.

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AI Powered Education