Kyiv to Capitol Exhibit


AI for Good Foundation was proudly involved in the the Kyiv to Capitol exhibit featuring heartwrenching photos from the War in Ukraine, that will tour all 50 state capitols throughout 2022.


Svidok at the Kyiv to Capitol Exhibit

Kyive to Capitol exhibit (Credit Embassy of Ukraine)


As the War in Ukraine rages on, non-profit organizations AI for Good Foundation, Dattalion, and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) continue working stateside to raise awareness of the atrocities taking place with the launch of “Kyiv to Capitol”, a photography exhibit featuring original photos from the frontline.



Kyiv to capitol exhibit photos

Kyive to Capitol exhibit (Credit Embassy Ukraine)


The launch event took place on July 28th at the Russell Rotunda, hosted by Senator Chris Coons and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine, Oksana Markarova and Zhan Beleniuk – a Ukrainian MP and Greco-Roman wrestling Olympic champion, along with Senator James Risch. Three additional Ukrainian eyewitnesses, Olena Garanska, Maria Vdovichenko, and Daria Maichuk spoke at the event and shared their stories about the war and its effects. The event was hosted on the first celebration of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, proclaimed by President Zelenskyy earlier this month.


“Ukraine fights not only for its independence and democracy, but also for justice, because the
numerous war crimes committed by the Russian invaders on our soil cannot remain unpunished.
I’m grateful for the work done by Dattalion, the AI for Good Foundation, and the Ukrainian
Congress Committee of America to bring evidence of these crimes to light and see the horror of

– Oksana Markarova, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States of America.


Svidok at the Kyiv to Capitol Exhibit

Ambassador Oksana Markarova, Cory Alpert, Anastasia Fedyk. (Credit Embassy of Ukraine)


Anastassia Fedyk, Finance Professor & Behavioral Economist at University of California, Berkeley, spoke at the Capitol, about the AI for Good Foundation initiative Svidok(Witness).

Learn more how Svidok(Witness) is helping document the Russian-Ukraine war crimes here


“The photos displayed at the ‘Kyiv to Capitol’ exhibition today displayed the horror and cruelty of Russia’s illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine. They’re clear proof of why Congress and the American people need to continue to support the Ukrainian people as they fight for freedom and democracy. I’d like to thank Ambassador Markarova and MP Zhan Beleniuk for their advocacy today and throughout this invasion, and I promise to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them as they stand for their nation and its people.”

-Senator Chris Coons, host of the event.


The 14 photo exhibit features photographs submitted to the databases created by the AI for Good Foundation and DATTALION , from eyewitnesses who have submitted evidence to Svidok, the war crimes evidence platform and war journal built and deployed by the AI for Good Foundation, Maks Levin, a documentary filmmaker and photographer who was executed while documenting the Russian invasion and Dmytro Kozatskyi, a soldier who fought in Mariupol, and whose fate currently remains unknown.

Within this photo exhibit there are photos showing the war crimes Russia has committed against Ukraine which will be given as evidence in the upcoming trials at the International Criminal Court. The exhibition will tour all 50 state capitols later this year to show the horrors of war and the conditions that Ukrainians currently face in their country.


You can preview the exhibition photos by Maks Levin and Dmytro Kozatskyi here, as well as photos submitted by Ukrainians to Svidok here.


The AI for Good Foundation together with all it’s partners is working hard to hold Russia accountable for its crimes. Learn more about the works we do and how you can be involved here.