October 2022 AI for Good!


James Hodson profile pict 1A Note from our CEO:
This month, it was an honour to be able to spend three days in Kyiv, Ukraine, meeting with the Ukrainian government’s leadership, as well as Presidents and Prime Ministers from across Europe. We discussed the current military situation, the future security guarantees, reconstruction, the delivery of humanitarian aid, energy security, new sanctions packages, and a variety of other issues from a secure location two levels below ground. It was truly inspiring and humbling to see the courage and resolve of President Zelenskiy and his government, civil society, and the Ukrainian people.

During my time in Kyiv I was able to meet almost everyone from our Kyiv region team, or 7 of our 40+ employees across the country. In two lunch meetings, they took me to two incredible restaurants, both of which have been opened since February 24th. As an organisation, we continue our commitment to helping Ukraine defend its freedom, and defend the freedom of all of us, as a prerequisite to making progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda.

For this, we depend on you, our supporters, to give regularly so that we can continue our projects. 100% of donations are going to programmatic expenses right now, and we are nowhere near our capacity to spend money to help Ukrainians. Please consider a recurring donation while the war continues, donate cryptocurrency, or run a fundraiser on our behalf.

-James Hodson, CEO, AI for Good Foundation


SDG Catalyst
6-week Incubator Program Launch


This month, AI for Good launched our 6-week incubator program SDG Catalyst. Our twenty startups span the globe, including the US, Mexico, Spain, and Tunisia. With three sessions every week, we cover AI Ethics; SDG Impact in business such as in procurement and development; and mentorship and resources every step of the way.

This program has been a joy for us to develop, and we are excited to see where it goes! A huge “thank you” goes EJ Taylor, who is leading SDG Catalyst alongside Lindsey Asis, as well as to Sean Lang, our Council for Good member who has been an incredible support throughout the development process. If you would like to see our lineup of speakers and mentors, or learn more about the program, visit here.

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How Computer Vision and Other Tech is Enabling the Next Generation of Smart Cities


Computer Vision and Other Tech is Enabling the Next Generation of Smart Cities


A smart city is often described as a modern urban location that uses digital tools to automate systems and collect data to efficiently manage assets, resources and services to improve life for its inhabitants. The end result? A city that operates more efficiently with fewer resources, increased levels of safety, reduced emissions and improved infrastructure.

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Help us in our efforts to provide
relief and justice to Ukrainians


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Your financial support makes it possible to expand the scope and impact of our ongoing initiatives for Ukraine, and provide AI for Good volunteers, analysts, and on-ground coordinators with the resources they need.

Every contribution, small or big, helps AI for Good make progress towards expanding the collective humanitarian and relief footprint within Ukraine through human-centered innovations.

If you or your organization would like to join as a program partner, and align our efforts towards creating a peaceful, just, and more sustainable tomorrow, within Ukraine and beyond, please write to us at


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