As a trusted strategist, AI expert, and businessman, Minevich is poised to take AI for Good’s Sustainable AI initiatives to the Next Stage of Growth

Mark Minevich

February 3, 2022—Berkeley, California — Today, the AI for Good Foundation announced the appointment of Mark Minevich as the Organization’s first Executive Committee Chair. CEO of AI for Good, James Hodson, stated, “We find ourselves at a critical juncture as an organization. We are simultaneously growing our impact exponentially and looking for ways to reinvent the non-profit template to provide consistent funding and global network support for critical SDG-focused interventions. Mr. Minevich’s experience spans tech-driven innovation, economic development, and a global network of change-makers and leaders to take the AI for Good Foundation forward on the best foot possible. We are honored to be able to work together and accelerate our global impact.”

The AI for Good Foundation brings together a broad network of interdisciplinary researchers, nonprofits, governments, and corporate actors to identify, prototype, and scale solutions that engender positive social change. A leader in Sustainable AI Policy on the domestic and international level, AI for Good sets the standard for Ethical AI, Climate Change tracking, DE&I initiatives, and mitigating the carbon footprint of global computing.

            In 2017, Minevich was named one of Forbes Leaders to Watch and has received the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement and the World Trade Leadership Award from the World Trade Center’s Association. Mark has been a leading member of B20 Digitalization task forces since 2016. Published in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, The Hill, TechCrunch, Observer, InformationWeek, and other influential media outlets, Minevich is a respected voice in the innovation community

When asked about his new role, Minevich replied, “AI for Good Foundation is ready to sustain considerable growth and emerge as the leader in the tech for good space.  I am thrilled and delighted to join such an incredible foundation and collaborate with the amazing team that is committed to the social impact of AI and a digital future. Our goals and skill sets perfectly align in ways that will make this partnership fruitful and impactful for many years. I am confident that through my guidance, many members of the global network including leading enterprises, national and international organizations, and the investment community will join our efforts.”

Shortly, Minevich and Hodson plan to oversee the establishment of an Executive Committee, made up of influential leaders in the international business space. The Executive Committee will be responsible for the strategic growth and development of the Foundation’s initiatives, global partnerships, annual summits, exclusive SDG society, and strengthening the Foundation’s internal and external investments.

About the AI for Good Foundation: Incorporated in 2016, the Mission of the AI for Good Foundation is to measure and accelerate progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the judicious use of AI and Machine Learning. Established by leading researchers, professors, and business executives in the AI field, AI for Good Foundation has consistently provided an ethical, measured, and innovative voice for peer agencies both public and private.

About Mark Minevich: Mr. Minevich is a highly regarded and trusted Digital AI Strategist, Artificial Intelligence expert, Global Social Innovation and Technology Executive, UN Advisor, Leading Author and Columnist, Private Investor/Venture Capitalist, and the principal founder and President of Going Global Ventures. He is Senior Advisor to Boston Consulting Group, Amelia, Advisory Partner to Canadian Growth Investments, Business Advisor to Infosec Global, and a Special Advisor at AdAstral Funds. Mr. Minevich is also a member of the World Economic Forum Future Council, and a Chief Digital Strategist at the International Research Centre for AI, under the auspices of UNESCO.

Mark is currently an appointed member of the digitalization taskforce B20 Indonesia, an official G20 Presidency with the global business community.  Previously, he has been appointed as a US member of the B20 delegation during Germany, Argentina, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Italy G20 Presidency. Additionally, he is a Senior Fellow on the Council on Competitiveness in Washington DC, and Senior Fellow on the  Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils. Mark is the Founding Chair of the Digital Pioneers Network and AI Pioneers Circle.


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