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Fellowship Program

Each Summer AI for Good Foundation invites Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Doctoral applicants for our competitive Summer Fellowship Program. 

In addition, AI for Good Foundation welcomes interns in Policy, Outreach, and Fund Development on a year-round basis. 

The participants are able to gain real world experience at the intersection of Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. 

The participants also get to meet peers and mentors around the world, while having their work showcased at Global & International Forums.

The Sustainable Development Policy Fellowship

A great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to gain hands-on experience in international sustainable development policy work. Interns work on city and national level initiatives and build these out as perennial programs for our non-profit. They conduct research, interviews, and program implementation in real time.

The Artificial Intelligence Research Fellowship

An opportunity for students with prior experience implementing and deploying machine learning, statistical inference, econometric, and other AI technologies to apply their skills to a meaningful social challenge. Many projects will be built from the ground up, interacting with world experts in the relevant disciplines to develop a plan and implementation.

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May 2022 Applications

Fellows will work on projects that are built from the ground up, interacting with world experts in relevant disciplines to develop a plan and implementation. You will be given the opportunity to collect and clean public data, train models and present your findings at globals forums and to government, NGO and nonprofit officials.

Meet the 2021 Fellows

AI for Good Foundation Fellowships

Mario De Jesus

Mario studies computer science at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has been programming since the age of 12 and has developed programs that have been used by businesses or sold to clients. Mario currently volunteers at a research lab that studies the soil microbiome to preserve soil and soil health. He strives to merge technology and agriculture to make food production environmentally sustainable and lower the cost for both the consumer and producer.

Christine Mwase

Christine Mwase

Christine is excited about solving real world problems using AI/ML. She is currently pursuing research on distributed training at the IoT edge. Her previous experience extends from teaching in academia to architecting innovative solutions for local impact. She holds a Masters in Communications Systems and Signal Processing from the University of Bristol and a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bath.

AI for Good Foundation Fellowships

Jose Garcia Guerra

Born and raised in Quito Ecuador, Jose is enrolled in a Master of Science program in Data Analytics at George Washington University (GWU). He is interested in big data, statistics, and machine learning applied in the fields of sustainable energy, the environment, and climate change. His goal is to learn more about how technology, artificial intelligence, and data-driven policies can advocate for sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

Tenzin Migmar

Tenzin Migmar

Tenzin is an innovator and researcher in the field of artificial intelligence. Previously, she's worked on projects such as ecosystem preservation using satellite imagery, air quality monitoring with data visualization, building out a framework proposal for improving internet access in rural communities in Bihar, India and worked as an AI ethics research fellow. Tenzin is driven by a combination of excitement for the future, technology and impact on the world.

AI for Good Foundation Fellowships

Alexander Talbott

Alex is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Public Policy and Data Analytics. He served in the Peace Corps as a Community Economic Development Volunteer and has experience working in information technology.

Meet the 2020 Fellows

Conner Davis

Conner Davis

Conner studies English at University of California, Berkeley, specializing in American Studies, Grant-Writing, and research methodology. In between his academic semesters, Conner has worked in publishing, marketing, and as a grant-writing for a local East Bay non-profit.

Jessica Edens

Jessica Edens

Jessica has her BS in Environmental Science and is now attending Johns Hopkins University for her MBA. She previously served in the military for four years in the medical field. Jessica grew up in California, has lived in five states, and currently works as a lab instructor in Biology. She believes AI for Good provides a great opportunity to gain experience in sustainable policy development.

Ifejesu Ogunleye

Ifejesu Ogunleye

Ifejesu is a graduate student of Development Practice at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to enrolling in grad school, she worked as an attorney advising clients on various regulatory compliance issues. Post-graduation, Ife plans to continue exploring the opportunities of technology in various economic sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the ethical and governance implications.

Courtney Perales Reyes

Courtney Perales Reyes

Courtney has professional experience in administration, non-profit work, and strategic communications. She is pursuing her Masters in Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania and later plans to attend law school. Courtney is interested in global sustainability initiatives, American immigration reform, and mentoring students of color to higher education.

As a sustainable policy fellow, I enjoyed being involved in work that actually creates impact. I have had lots of opportunities to interact and engage directly with clients and other partners.
Ifejesu Ogunleye
Engaging in AI policy research and working collaboratively with a team to build organizational reports and develop marketing strategies has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Courtney Perales Reyes

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Fellow Blog Posts

Arches of a cathedral Voluntary

AI in Government

In this blog post from AI for Good 2021 Fellow Alexander Talbott discusses the utilization of AI in government. AI can assist government workers in a variety of high-volume tasks, speeding up processing times, reducing backlogs, and, ultimately, saving taxpayer money.

satelite night view of North America

Ending Poverty in All its Forms Everywhere

In this blog post from AI for Good 2021 Fellow Tenzin Migmar, the first SDG -- No Poverty -- is highlighted. The use of satellite imagery is combined with AI to create a method for identifying and gauging poverty levels in communities around the world.

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