Fragile Earth 2021

Accelerating progress
towards equitable sustainability

Fragile Earth at ACM's KDD Virtual 2021 Conference

Fragile Earth 2021, our annual workshop is taking place as part of the Earth Day events at ACM’s KDD 2021 Conference on research in Machine Learning and its applications.

The 5th edition of Fragile Earth will bring together the research community, industry, and policymakers to develop radically new technological foundations for advancing and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in a way that ensures equitable and inclusive progress.

The last year has given us a glimpse of the devastation global crises can create. However, global mitigation efforts illustrate how lessening consumption, travel, and even work levels are possible and can have positive spill-over effects.

The technological challenges posed by these development goals are twofold: how to achieve accurate, robust, and scalable modeling on physical, environmental, system, and societal data, and how to ensure that the obtained models are socially acceptable in the chosen context.

Fragile Earth 2021 - Presentations

Catch up on the 2021 Fragile Earth presentation recordings

Fragile Earth 2021 - Meet the Presenters

Read the blog post introducing this year's panelists and keynote speakers.



Naoki Abe

IBM Research
Naoki is a distinguished research staff member and manager of Foundations of Computational and Statistical Learning group within the Foundations of Trusted AI Department, IBM Research AI. He has been involved in the applications of data analytics specifically to agriculture, currently leading the IBM team in a government funded joint project with Purdue University on integrated genotype phenotype analysis for accelerating breeding of biofuel crops.
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Auroop Ganguly

Auroop Ganguly

Northeasern University
Auroop works in climate extremes, water sustainability and critical infrastructures, by integrating scientific knowledge and simulations with machine learning, nonlinear dynamics and network science. His experience spans academia, private IT (data) sector and government research labs.
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Dr. Emre Eftelioglu

Emre Eftelioglu is an Applied Scientist working with geospatial datasets to identify patterns which were overlooked by traditional machine learning methods. His main research focus is on Urban Mobility, but he also works on understanding the interconnections between Food Energy and Water resources to improve sustainability.
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Bistra Dilkina

Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society
Bistra is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California. She is also the co-Director of the USC Center for AI in Society. She is one of the junior faculty leaders in the young field of Computational Sustainability, and her work spans discrete optimization, network design, stochastic optimization, and machine learning.
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Kathleen Buckingham

Kathleen is Director of Sustainability for tentree. She is an experienced research lead tackling Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management challenges. Kathleen holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography and the Environment from the University of Oxford. She is experienced in leading teams and building skills in Data Analytics and Data Science approaches to both social and biophysical challenges.
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Ramakrishnan Kannan

Ramakrishnan Kannan

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ramki is the Group leader for Discrete Algorithms in Oak Ridge National Laboratory focusing on large scale data mining, machine learning and graph algorithms on HPC systems and modern architectures with applications from scientific domain.
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James Hodson

AI for Good Foundation
James is the AI for Good Foundation’s Co-founder and CEO, who has previously spearheaded Artificial Intelligence initiatives at a number of global firms, and has built successful (and sustainable) for-profit ventures in a variety of industries.
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