Supreme Court Ruling

It is heartbreaking to see the Supreme Court of the United States–which should be a beacon of light for the world–take a decision which will cause enormous suffering, poverty, and harm to millions of women and their families.

A tortured constitution is not an instrument that guarantees freedom, but a thorn in the side of justice and progress. We need institutional innovations that will ensure people are always first, not ideology, reason and rationality, not dogma.

We are so sorry, but we hope our work, together, will help address these shortcomings in our current social and governance systems.


As a woman, waking up to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade was a jarring start to my Friday. I was born in the 80s and this vital piece of legislation has been an assumed lifeline- a symbol that whatever myself or fellow American women go through, we have a choice in what comes next.

It is easy working in the Sustainable Development nonprofit space to look at health access, maternal mortality, and gender equality through the lens of National Geographic pictures. But these core values and intrinsic human issues are far from equal or just within our own borders. At the AI for Good Foundation we are committed to the value system that upholds the UN SDG’s and shine the light of transparency and demand to do better across the US and the International Community we serve.


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