AI for Good Foundation believes in training and mentoring the next generation of not only AI and machine learning engineers, but also young people interested in sustainable policy, strategic communications, and computer science. This group features college students in Abu Dhabi, Seoul, and the US.

Featured above from left to right our new interns:

Jarrod Mishima is currently studying at Cal Poly Pomona. Jarrod developed his interest in AI after taking some programing classes in high school where he learned about their future impact on society.

Alex Ko is studying music and computer science at NYU Abu Dhabi. Alex is interested in learning AI’s impact on different societal aspects and how AI can be used for good.

Donggeun Lee was born and raised in the Republic of Korea. Currently studying remotely, he is a junior at Columbia University majoring in Human Rights. Dg hopes to use this internship experience and his studies to make a difference in NGOs.

Welcome onboard fellas, and brace for impact!