Issues like discrimination in the workforce can seem dauntingly broad. At the same time, new and developing technologies like AI and machine learning can seem unapproachable or incomprehensible for a general audience.

At AI for Good Foundation we describe algorithms as “rules.” These “rules” or “instructions” are made by humans and the machines learn from them and evolve and become more efficient.

Unfortunately some “rules” have been created with bias in place. That is why it is so important for our project to not only build a tool to evaluate and measure employers, but for us to create companion best practices for working in this space in a way that moves us, as a society, forward positively.

We invite you to follow and support our GlobalGiving fundraiser to help build and publish a Public Scorecard that analyzes and rates corporate hiring practices through machine learning,  as we tackle this really massive issue one algorithm at a time.

Here is what some of our team members have to share:


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