Panel at FDSA

The Financial Data Science Association‘s annual conference took place in Zurich, providing a perfect backdrop to discuss the global financial system, and how judicious use of Artificial Intelligence and data-driven decision-making could have advantages in partnership with more traditional econometric approaches. Our interest is a more transparent system of global financial markets, with fair access to information, and sustainable business practices. We were able to capture attendees’ attention with a panel devoted to AI4Good!




The panel was led by Stefano Pacifico and Michael Witbrock, with an international cast of guest panelists from distinguished global banking giants such as Blackrock and HSBC, to directors of European AI research labs, Finance Professors from leading Business Schools, hedge funds, and FinTech entrepreneurs. It was a lively discussion, touching on the practical and the immediate, all the way to the human-out-of-the-loop global capital system.

At the AI for Good Foundation, we care about bringing evidence to the table to deconstruct scenarios, and understand the likelihood of different shifts in needs, behaviors, and resources. This was an excellent opportunity to open up the debate to a segment of the economy which is still at its core very conservative with new technologies and methodologies, and the conversation was constructive and lively. We look forward to many more in the future!