AI for the Planet Alliance Launches a Call for Solutions to Identify and Support Promising Innovations in Climate AI


PARIS, June 28, 2022—As climate change continues to present new and complex challenges to leaders around the globe, innovative new AI solutions can help measure, reduce, and remove emissions more effectively; support communities and economies as they adapt to the changing environment; and support overall climate action through research, climate finance, and education.

However, numerous roadblocks to implementation at scale remain, from inadequate funding and training to a lack of access to decision makers and best practices.

The AI for the Planet Alliance, a newly formed neutral and international organization to drive AI solutions for climate change at scale, is therefore encouraging all interested parties to participate in its first call for solutions for promising innovations in climate AI.

The alliance is accepting proposals in any stage of maturity—if ready for a first pilot, at minimum—and from any sector, whether private, public, or nonprofit. Support for each solution chosen will be tailored to its needs and can range from customized commercial or technical support to investor relationships and network development.

AI for the Planet

Eligible solutions will receive the following:

  • Recognition and Credibility: Solutions will be included in an AI for the Planet repository of climate AI solutions.
  • Access: Solutions will receive invitations to AI for the Planet events that convene global experts in climate and AI. Highly ranked solutions will be eligible for speaking opportunities.
  • Potential Prizes: The alliance will select a top ten list of solutions, and specific prizes to help top solutions scale up will be awarded at the discretion of the individual organization offering each prize. Prizes may include financial support in the form of a grant or investment, business and technical support to help overcome a specific challenge, and/or networking opportunities.
  • The first announced prize will be provided by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and BCG GAMMA, which will share their strategic and technical expertise with a top solution.


The AI for the Planet Alliance is seeking teams and ideas that have the power to disrupt the climate crisis and make a meaningful difference using advanced analytics and AI. While there are still numerous roadblocks to implementation, we are excited to help new solutions push past those roadblocks and achieve their potential at scale,” says Damien Gromier, founder and co-chair of AI for the Planet.


AI’s potential to lessen climate change is huge, from measurement of emissions to improving projections for hazards like sea-level rise. That’s why the AI for the Planet Alliance wants to find the best AI climate change solutions worldwide and accelerate their adoption and scale across the Global North and Global South,” says Mark Minevich, AI for the Planet co-chair.

If interested, you can learn more about the competition and apply here. Applications are due October 15, 2022.


About the AI for the Planet Alliance


AI for the Planet is an alliance created by Startup Inside, with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and BCG GAMMA as knowledge partners, and in collaboration with the AI for Good Foundation; the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); and the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT).


It is a unique, multidisciplinary, and diverse coalition intended to:

1. Promote innovation in applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to climate challenges, supported by global experts from academia, startups, and the public and private sectors;

2. Act as a global platform for identifying and prioritizing the leading tools and use cases for AI in addressing the climate crisis;

3. Identify and champion the most promising solutions for addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation and resilience, especially in the Global South, offering the solutions visibility and recognition;

4. Ensure impact at scale through concrete and measurable actions, such as building access to funding and to practitioners on the ground; and

5. Facilitate the development of networks between project teams, investors, and experts in the field—including startups, corporations, and the public sector.


AI for Good Foundation in collaboration with AI for the Planet