Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday has been an international day to celebrate efforts for good for over a decade. This year, Giving Tuesday is November 30th. AI for Good Foundation is joining thousands of nonprofit organizations to highlight our work, and that of our Community of Supporters, for Giving Tuesday 2021. In asking you to spread the word and give if you can- we want to celebrate what has been accomplished just this year to date:

  • AI for Good Foundation Summer Fellowship graduated our 2nd class this August. This summer followed our amazing group of diverse college students from last year to welcome 5 new students from across the globe. In addition to helping us bring the Intelligent Cities Project to life, each Fellow worked on real-world projects including: the Open SDG Data Catalog, our DE&I scorecard, the Climate Trend Scanner, and targeting hunger insecurity with Machine Learning with our partners at Everest Effect. Two of our Fellows, Tenzin and Mario, have stayed on to work with Lindsey and Tia this fall!
  • The Open Data Catalog and Climate Trend Scanner Projects have both been supported by Microsoft with Azure credits and technical support. Both projects feature volunteer data analysts and machine learning engineers from across the globe who are donating their time to help us democratize research and accelerate SDG progress.
  • Tech startups including Everest Effect, Predli, and others have joined forces with our Team to address issues including workforce DE&I, mitigating effects of climate change in California, and how to identify compound issues contributing to food insecurity.
  • The Intelligent Cities Project has officially launched this year! Our pilot city reports for Long Beach, California, and Kelowna, British Columbia are almost complete and we look forward to working with more Intelligent Cities in 2022.
  • The Volunteer Resource Network launched this fall! Thank you to everyone who has joined and reached out to be a part of our ongoing work.
  • The Council for Good launched this year and is at 66 members strong. This network is made up of stakeholders from around the globe specializing in AI and ML, green technology investment, policy work, and behavioral economics. The work of AI for Good Foundation ranges from policy to realiworld ML solutions and smart city-directed projects. Our advisors reflect this targeted and time-relevant mission.
  • Our annual Fragile Earth Workshop, entitled “Accelerating Progress towards Equitable Sustainability,” took place in August. In which, we showcased the works of hand-selected projects from researchers around the world, all dedicated towards using technology to advance the SDGs.
  • Our Council for Good has formed three active working groups: AI & Innovative Health, AI & Ethics, and Fundraising. Through their guidance and group discussion we are forming our verticals and key value statements for Ethics and Health. Our Fundraising working group is directly advising our VP and we are very appreciative of all feedback and new ideas.

Join AI for Good Foundation this Giving Tuesday, November 30th, in celebrating all that we have accomplished together. Stay tuned to see more of your support in action!

Thank you!

The AI for Good Foundation Team