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Interested in taking the next step in unlocking  the full potential of your business with a cutting-edge AI audit? Our audit will bridge the gap between traditional management and AI modern efficiency. Please fill out the form below and we will setup a call back date. 

Business Management with an AI Audit

The risks of Artificial Intelligence are much more subtle than the wholesale replacement of humans, but that doesn’t make those risks any less pernicious in society, or any less real for your organization. The AI for Good AI Audit provides AI implementing, deploying, and integrating groups with a full external analysis of their AI models, data, and surrounding infrastructure – ensuring compatibility with the latest relevant regulations, legal requirements, best practices, and potential future risks to the organization, public relations, its stakeholders, and broader society.

Covering all major AI and Data requirements globally, and proactively preparing you for future changes.

Covering all major AI and Data requirements globally, and proactively preparing you for future changes.

AI Ethics Best Practices – EU AI Act – Data Privacy and Copyright – General Data Protection Regulation – US AI Accountability Policy – US AI in Government Act – US AI Bill of Rights – US Voluntary AI Commitments – UK Algorithmic Transparency – Canada AI and Data Act – Brazil AI Bill – Australia AI Roadmap – Global AI Governance Framework – & Comprehensive Global

Who is It For?

Corporations – NGO’s – Non-profits – Government Agencies – City and Local Government – Civil Society Groups

Provide your regulators, clients, users, and stakeholders with transparency and trust in your AI-enabled systems.

Our AI Audit provides an in-depth assessment of a proposed or implemented Artificial Intelligence use-case, the manner of development, the datasets used, the modelling choices, the system architecture, the social context, the evaluation metrics and objectives chosen, the manner of deployment, the stakeholder interactions, system evolution, and externalities or indirect pressure of the ecosystem of deployment. Our AI Audit not only covers the practical and legal dimensions of risk, but also the ethical norms and expectations of the market and regulatory environment, and the cultural context. Organizations receive a comprehensive report, assessed recommendations, and public badges that can be used to educate their clients and stakeholders about the process followed to implement AI in their company and products. Regulators frequently look to the AI for Good Foundation for guidance on AI governance and legal frameworks, and we likewise help organizations to ensure they are able to thrive under all circumstances.

How Does It Work?

Note: The AI for Good Foundation does not share audit reports or data with any 3rd parties. Audit clients share reports at their sole discretion. The AI for Good AI Audit is not a certified public audit, as no such certification currently exists.

Comprehensive Onboarding Survey

Our unique and complete onboarding toolkit provides our teams with everything they need to understand your projects, without burdening your teams—most organizations are able to complete onboarding with fewer than 2 days of work and engaging 3-5 internal stakeholders.

Initial Advisory Meeting

A 2-hour meeting where the main roadmap is communicated, and the AI for Good team presents the main areas where further information is needed—often necessitating some amount of internal work from the client’s internal teams. AI for Good never requests or requires access to internal data or code.

Risk Factors and Focus Areas Report

The AI for Good team is able to prepare a preliminary report outlining the particular risk areas and areas of focus for the audit. The client is able to direct the process towards areas of more/lesser concern.

Topic Deep Dives with Internal Stakeholders

Each identified risk area may require further limited meetings with internal stakeholders to clarify and develop recommendations that are compatible with system and infrastructure realities.

AI for Good Audit Committee Expert Feedback

The AI for Good Foundation AI Audit committee is made up of world leading researchers, ethicists, legal scholars, and business development experts. Our committee reviews the work of our audit teams and may require deeper inspection of specific areas.

Draft Audit Report

The draft Audit Report provides the final opportunity for open client engagement to ensure that all recommendations are aligned with the intention and realities of the system.

Final Feedback Meetings

Feedback meetings with internal stakeholders to ensure alignment.

Final Internal Report with Ratings and Recommendations

Presentation to client’s leadership and internal stakeholders, hand-over of the final report. The internal report discusses technical aspects and recommendations for the client’s system, which are not relevant for external stakeholders.

Final External Report and Certification

The client is provided with a report card and audit assessment, signed by our Audit committee, which can be used in communications with external stakeholders.

Badge Release and Brand Packet

In addition, the AI for Good Foundation provides a series of brand visuals to enable the client to effectively communicate their commitment to transparency, compliance, and responsible AI. Our Audit Committee recommends a bronze, silver, or gold badge based on both the audit report, and the perceived risk of the project.

Custom Follow-up Engagements

The AI for Good Foundation is able to perform update audits on a regular basis, as well as custom engagements for technology development, policy development, training, and assessments of the client’s AI organization.



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