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Help us buy medical evacuation thermal vision.

Economists for Ukraine and Brooklyn-based NightRide Thermal are coordinating an initiative to get life-saving medical evacuation thermal vision equipment to the front lines in Ukraine. NightRide’s thermal vision equipment allows medical evacuation vehicles to help the wounded on the front lines at night, without using headlights.

“A slow-moving vehicle at night with headlights on is an easy target,” said Ukrainian medic Dmytro. “While we cannot increase our speed because of road conditions, we can now drive under the cover of complete darkness thanks to the NightRide cameras, which have proved to be the safest way for us to transport the wounded.”

This shipment will go to various units in need along the Eastern and Southern fronts in Ukraine.

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More about this initiative

Within a month of launching this invasion in March of 2022, the World Health Organization recognized that Russian forces were specifically targeting ambulances, hospitals and healthcare workers in a tactic that can only be described as a war crime.

In June of 2022, Anzhelika, a Ukraine native and a Florida physician, contacted NightRide to see if the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of thermal cameras could provide what no others could: robust, easy to install thermal vision for medical transport vehicles on the frontlines of the Russian invasion.

“Transport vehicles are at the greatest danger at night, when their lights allow Russian forces to easily target them,” said Anzhelika. “This led to an effort to equip these vehicles with night-vision using infrared imaging in order to drive at night without lights.”

In addition to the love of her homeland, Anzhelika has another motivation that hits even closer to home: her brother—also a physician—cares for Ukrainian casualties on the frontline and is often in the medical transport vehicles being targeted by Russian forces.

“My brother informed me that many different products were tested, but all were deficient for warzone conditions,” Anzhelika said. “Ukrainian medical transport workers needed a very specific camera—one that could be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle and that provided heads-up display with very acute imaging of the battle-torn roads of Ukraine.”

So last summer, Anzhelika sent a NightRide camera to her brother for testing in the real-world conditions of the Ukraine war and it exceeded all expectations. Here is footage taken with a NightRide Ranger camera during a nighttime ambulance drive without headlights.

Although numerous organizations are providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, there are still many gaps. Large aid organizations tend to work with specific groups (e.g., territorial defense) in certain locations. Ukrainian military units in specific locations have acute needs that are not being met in time.

Small help can make a big difference. This fund will provide life-saving medical vehicle thermal vision equipment to the front line defenders of Ukraine.

Economists for Ukraine is partnered with the AI for Good Foundation, US-based 501(c)3, 81-1631000. Your contributions will be fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

If you live in the war affected areas please visit our Svidok(witness) – war journal.