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Help Ukrainians affected by the war

We are providing humanitarian aid to war-affected Ukrainians, many of whom fled from war zones with only the clothes on their backs; have no source of income; and cannot return to their homes.

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Millions of Ukrainians have left the country since Russia launched a full-scale war on February 24, 2022, and millions have been displaced internally. Others remain in past or present war zones. An unknown number are without a salary, as many sectors of the economy in war-affected cities have ground to a halt and the number of jobs compared to the number of displaced job seekers is small.

Due to significant gaps in humanitarian aid, many Ukrainians are struggling to obtain basic necessities, such as weather-appropriate shoes: donated clothing is readily available, but donated shoes are scarce. The goal of this fund is to fill as many gaps in humanitarian aid as possible.

We use our extensive Ukrainian networks to identify trusted organizations and individuals to distribute the aid. Whenever possible, we procure items from inside Ukraine.

To date, we have provided over 1,000 pairs of shoes to displaced men, women, and children in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. These shoes have improved the quality of life of every recipient. For adults, a new pair of shoes means enhanced mobility and comfort. For kids, the shoes mean more fun, more speed, healthier feet, and more confidence in today!

Economists for Ukraine is partnered with the AI for Good Foundation, US-based 501(c)3, 81-1631000

If you live in the war affected areas please visit our Svidok(witness) – war journal.