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Help fill gaps in humanitarian aid in Ukraine

We are raising funds to provide urgently-needed shoes (and socks!) for internally displaced Ukrainians. Many people fled from war zones with only the clothes on their backs, as every scrap of available space on trains and buses was used to evacuate people rather than suitcases. They fled in the deep of winter in snow shoes, sweaters and winter coats.

Now that summer is almost here, many are struggling to find proper footwear. Donated clothing is readily available, but donated shoes are scarce. Please help us fill this important need!

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More about this initiative

Over 5 million Ukrainians have left the country since the war, and over 7 million have been displaced internally. Others remain in past or present war zones. An unknown number are without a salary, as many sectors of the economy in war-affected cities have ground to a halt and the number of jobs relative to the number of displaced job seekers is small.

Although many organizations are providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in and outside of the country, gaps in aid understandably arise. Large aid organizations may not be sufficiently nimble to respond to such gaps. Smaller aid organizations are more flexible but by nature of being smaller cannot cover every need that arises.

The goal of this fund is to fill as many gaps in humanitarian aid as possible. Starting with shoes!

We will work with existing organizations and individuals on the ground in Ukraine to identify important underserved needs and fill them as efficiently as possible (by, for example, procuring shoes in bulk and donating them to be distributed through existing aid networks rather than setting up new ones or simply making grants to small but efficient organizations that don’t have access to Western donors). Please help us make sure no one falls through the cracks!

Economists for Ukraine is partnered with the AI for Good Foundation, US-based 501(c)3, 81-1631000