Health, Sleep, Nutrition

Health, Sleep, Nutrition

Healthy individuals are built on healthy communities and healthy lifestyles. Health lifestyles depend on sleep, nutrition, exercise, and other life choices. Every year, ~20% of deaths globally would be preventable if the right healthcare options would be available, or better lifestyle choices would be made. The AI for Good Foundation is committed to supporting the development of personalised healthcare tools and infrastructure with the help of smart sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and community engagement.

Sleep and Health

Together with Huckleberry Labs, the Stanford School of Public Health, and the Harvard Medical School Sleep Laboratory, the AI for Good Foundation is launching a new programme focussed on bridging the gap in our understanding of the links between healthy sleep and healthy individuals.

Huckleberry Labs helps parents of young children to get a better night’s sleep for their family through quantitative approaches and targeted advice, globally. Part of the problem with understanding how sleep affects health has been the lack of broad and deep data sets that provide insight into sleep patterns and waking behaviours. Paired with a still limited ability to measure and understand brain patterns outside of strictly controlled laboratory environments, this means that we rely heavily on small or anecdotal studies to guide health practices in this critically important area.

This programme will make available new large-scale data sets regarding sleep and health patterns globally, and encourage a multi-disciplinary community of experts to explore and share their findings.

The first phase of this exciting new project will begin in 2018 with data releases and targeted workshops.