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AI + Sustainable
Development Goals

Uncover impact opportunities in pursuit of the 17 SDGs, progress of ongoing AI + ML initiatives, and open resources & datasets for you to get involved. 

Goal 1: No Poverty
38 percent of Africans live in extreme poverty.
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Goal 7: Affordable & Clean Energy
600 million people lack access to modern electricity.
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Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
Cities account for over 70% of global carbon emissions.
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Goal 13: Climate Action
Climate related disasters cost 520 billion USD each year.
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Goal 14: Life below Water
Land based activities cause 80% of marine pollution.
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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adapted by the United Nations with a universal call to action to help reimagine a better future for everyone by 2030. Bringing together multi-disciplinary talent, latest technology and financial resources, AI for Good is serving as the leading platform to accelerate this pursuit.

Learn about the different goals and the work being done to measure and accelerate their progress:

SDG Acceleration Toolkit

An interactive platform for analysing system interconnections, enhancing policy coherence, ensuring that no one is left behind, identifying risks and building resilience.
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Trending Data Sets

Explore SDG related data sets from across the community with our SDG Data Catalog.

Lady smilling taking blood pressure of another lady GHDx

(GHDx) Global Health Data Exchange

A data catalog on global health and demography information created and supported by The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington.

forest watch close up photo of a tree trunk in the forest

Global Forest Watch

Provides data about forests including land cover, land use, biodiversity metrics and forest change allowing for the monitoring and management of forests.

NOAA desert dunes Drought


Provides science and information, focusing on news, data, and climate teaching materials, and the data products and services to track global climate data.

close up photo of water in the ocean

Ocean Tracking Network

The Ocean Tracking Network is a global aquatic animal tracking, data management, and partnership platform.

statue of Lady Justice - Piracy Data Initiative Supreme Court

SDG16 Data Initiative

Pulls together data sets in an open format to track SDG16 and provide a snapshot of the current situation, and eventually progress over time.

AI + SDG Launchpad

A collection of open and shared resources available for teachers and educators to plan courses on how AI interacts with real world challenges, including its impact on SDGs.

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AI + Sustainable Development Goals