We’re dedicated to working in the present for a future where AI works for the greater good of all.

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Complete Transparency

We believe that being a 501(c)3 Public Charity means being completely open about who we are, how we operate, and where we are headed. In a world that is less than transparent, we want your help in ensuring that the AI for Good Foundation is always driven by its core mission, with the right people and the right problems at heart. We’ve noticed a lot of irregularities and vanity organizations out there, but we promise to be different. We encourage you to start here, and hold us accountable, always.

Here are our founding documents, and all attachments and filings that we have submitted:

AI for Good Foundation IRS Confirmation of Public Charity 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status

AI for Good Foundation Quarterly Form 941, Q1 2016

AI for Good Foundation form 1023 and Supporting Documentation

AI for Good Foundation Bylaws

AI for Good Foundation Articles and Certification of Filing